The Band

Lynn Snider - Piano

Lynn was born in Brantford, and started playing clarinet at the age of 9 (in the Brantford Memorial Concert Band). Currently a member of Burlington's "Top Hat Marching Orchestra", and playing keyboard for "Silver Swing" and "Dixieland Plus", he's a retired school Principal, and now a full-time curmudgeon. Also a certified computer geek, Lynn carries his music on his iPad. It's not the way they did it in New Orleans back in the day, but it's pretty cool.

Dave Sears - Trombone

Dave ("Bagman") is a life long Burlingtonian. He carries his music in a No Frills Bag. It's yellow, practical and much less expensive than an iPad. Dave and Doug began playing Dixieland music together in High School with a group called "The Dix". When it was time to find a trombone player with great chops and a love of New Orleans music, there was no doubt that Dave was the man. Dave is a human trafficer during the day. He drives a school bus.

John Minnis - Trumpet

Roger Girard - Clarinet

Todd Smith - Banjo

Steve Butterworth - Sousaphone/Tuba

We are proud to have a "Sousaphonist" in our band-- it's the way the original New Orleans Brass bands added a bass end to their music while on parade--the wrap-around style made it easier to carry. It's also known as "the Fat Horn". Steve is VP of Yamaha Canada.

Kevin Fournier - Drums

Kevin was born in Richmond, British Columbia and is currently a resident of Hamilton. A recent graduate of Mohawk College's contemporary music program and youngest band member by a dog's age, Kevin has fallen in love with the music of New Orleans and has been performing with the band for about a year. Kevin also plays in Hamilton based Tower of Power tribute band "Bump City" and is very active in playing for community theatre.