The Band

Lynn Snider - Piano

Lynn was born in Brantford, and started playing clarinet at the age of 9 (in the Brantford Memorial Concert Band). Currently a member of Burlington's "Top Hat Marching Orchestra", and playing keyboard for "Silver Swing" and "Dixieland Plus", he's a retired school Principal, and now a full-time curmudgeon. Also a certified computer geek, Lynn carries his music on his iPad. It's not the way they did it in New Orleans back in the day, but it's pretty cool.

Dave Sears - Trombone

Dave ("Bagman") is a life long Burlingtonian. He carries his music in a No Frills Bag. It's yellow, practical and much less expensive than an iPad. Dave and Doug began playing Dixieland music together in High School with a group called "The Dix". When it was time to find a trombone player with great chops and a love of New Orleans music, there was no doubt that Dave was the man. Dave is a human trafficer during the day. He drives a school bus.

Doug Redfearn - Trumpet/Cornet, Vocals

Another life-long Burlington resident, Doug is our trumpeter. He also is beginning to gather a small collection vintage cornets that he uses for that "authentic" New Orleans sound. Along with Lynn and sometimes Dave, Doug will often step up to the mic to bring some vocals to the musical party. When not blowing the horn, Doug practices law in Burlington.

Roger Girard - Clarinet

Steve Butterworth - Sousaphone/Tuba

We are proud to have a "Sousaphonist" in our band-- it's the way the original New Orleans Brass bands added a bass end to their music while on parade--the wrap-around style made it easier to carry. It's also known as "the Fat Horn". Steve is VP of Yamaha Canada.

Kevin Fournier - Drums

Kevin was born in Richmond, British Columbia and is currently a resident of Hamilton. A recent graduate of Mohawk College's contemporary music program and youngest band member by a dog's age, Kevin has fallen in love with the music of New Orleans and has been performing with the band for about a year. Kevin also plays in Hamilton based Tower of Power tribute band "Bump City" and is very active in playing for community theatre.